What is Wazaabi

Wazaabi is a framework that allows to describe GUIs through one or more live EMF model. In addition, wazaabi manages binding between those UI models and business objects.

In contrast to the classical approaches where programming dozens of java lines plays a predominant role, wazaabi only requires the construction of one or many EMF models describing the UI: the view models. View models, in wazaabi are live, ie, changes in their status will be instantly reflected in the UI and, symmetrically, user actions will be immediately seen through the view model.

Wazaabi Framework framework consists of

A rendering engine whose role, briefly depicted above, consists of transforming the initial model into platform UI elements and ensuring the model view and UI synchronisation during the lifetime of the application. A model view can be rendered in several target platforms (SWT, RAP, Swing ...). The SWT rendering engine is the most complete engine, other engines are currently under development (JavaFX, GWT, etc..). The rendering engine is also responsible for triggering actions (Event Handlers) in response to user actions (Event). These event handler can be written in Java, Groovy, Scala....

A databinding mechanism which on the one hande makes it possible to display domain properties in UI elements and on the other hand, changes domain properties each time it is required by user interaction. As for the UI, databinding requires minimal programming (often none).

A set of tools to create model views directly from scratch or derived from business models.