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3.5.0.M03 - Release Notes

The Bondi (3.5.0) release of Virgo

This is the second milestone for the Virgo Bondi (3.5.0) release.

A full list of bugs included in this release is available here.


From 3.5.0 onward, Virgo can be initial provisioned via p2. Bug 343543 and its dependencies track the work done on this topic. Now it's possible, using the standard p2 director, to provision every Virgo distribution.

From this milestone onward the underlying infrastructure of the plans and PARs is substantially changed. This lays a solid foundation for introducing Subsystems in Virgo 4.0.0. In principle plans are represented as graphs or subgraphs. Major changes are ability to share artifacts between subgraphs, garbage collection of artifact leftovers and lifecycle adjustments of shared subgraphs.

This milestone also includes many bugfixes and other enhancements.

Notable leftovers for future milestones (3.5.0.M03+)

Improved Virgo Web Console.

Various Virgo Nano enhancements covered with this bug.

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