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3.0.0.M04 - Release Notes

The M04 milestone of Virgo contains bug fixes on top of the fixes in M03. The admin console has been improved to better handle the new Region implementation. Now PARs are allowed to contain plans. The migration notes in Virgo 3.0 has been updated in light of the stricter "Require-Bundle" processing in Equinox 3.7.


A documentation patch was gratefully received from:

  • Joel Rosi-Schwartz


  • Bug 343050: Document stricter processing of Require-Bundle by Equinox 3.7 in Virgo 3.0 migration notes.
  • Bug 342676: User guide refers to incorrect hosted repository context path.
  • Bug 337233: Browsing the OSGi state in the Admin Console breaks when you navigate to a bundle in the Kernel region.
  • Bug 335689: Allows PARs to contain plans.

A full list of bugs included in this milestone is available here.

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