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2.1.0.RELEASE - Release Notes

The 2.1.0 release is the first formal release of Virgo and is aimed at migrating SpringSource dm Server applications and users to Virgo. See the migration notes for details.


Code and documentation contributions were gratefully received from:

  • Violeta Georgieva (SAP AG)
  • Olivier Girardot
  • Hristo Illiev (SAP AG)
  • Borislav Kapukaranov (SAP AG)
  • Dmitry Sklyut (Chariot Solutions)
  • Nikolai Tankov (SAP AG)
  • Florian Waibel (EclipseSource)

Contributions in the form of bug reports, forum posts, blogs, and tweets were gratefully received from individuals too numerous to mention.


Code donations (source code), repackaged to the org.eclipse namespace and relicensed under the Eclipse Public License v1.0:

  • Donate SpringSource dm Server to form the Virgo kernel, Virgo web server, and built-in applications such as the admin console
  • Donate documentation
  • Donate GreenPages, Formtags, Config properties, and OSGi samples
  • Donate the dm Server 'slices' prototype for modular web applications, renamed to the 'snaps' prototype
  • Donate "Spring Build" Ant/Ivy build scripts, renamed to "Virgo build"
  • Donate integration test framework and OSGi test stubs
  • Donate extensive unit and integration test suites, kernel system verification tests, and performance test
  • Donate Virgo tooling integration layer

Performance improvements:

  • Reduce startup time by as much as 5x on some systems by tuning logging
  • Remove unnecessary bundles from the kernel and shrink the classpath

Dependency upgrades:

  • Upgrade Equinox to 3.6.1
  • Upgrade Tomcat to 6.0.29 (plus modifications to support embedding)
  • Upgrade Logback to 0.9.24
  • Upgrade SLF4J to 1.6.1
  • Upgrade the OSGi web container to Gemini Web 1.1.0.RELEASE

Other improvements and bug fixes:

  • Bug 323347/326140: Improve permission handling in Windows startup scripts and document a workaround
  • Bug 323609: Severe logging performance issue under Windows in certain scenarios
  • Bug 325334: Import-Bundle of fragment that does not specify bundle version range
  • Bug 326423: Allow Logback to be configured via logback.xml in root of a bundle
  • Bug 327209: Improve deployer cleanup logic for certain kinds of bundle install failures
  • Bug 327211: Clearly separate bundle symbolic name from bundle version in admin console
  • Bug 312752: Support Tomcat context configuration
  • Provide 'vsh' (Virgo shell) Equinox console extension
  • Support new framework property org.eclipse.virgo.suppress.heap.dumps and document it in User Guide
  • Various documentation fixes and improvements.
  • Various diagnostic improvements
  • Various build and test improvements

A full list of bugs included in this release is available here.

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