13.8 Configuring the Web Integration Layer

Virgo Server for Apache Tomcat integrates an OSGi-enhanced version of the Tomcat Servlet Container in order to provide support for deploying Java EE WARs and OSGi Web Application Bundles.

For Virgo Server for Apache Tomcat you configure the behaviour of the Web Integration Layer using the properties file called org.eclipse.virgo.web.properties. The org.eclipse.virgo.web.properties file is located in the $SERVER_HOME/repository/ext directory.

The following table describes the properties.

Table 13.12. Web Integration Layer Properties

Property Description Default Value

Specifies how Web Application Bundle manifest headers are processed. See "Web Application Manifest Processing" in the Programmer Guide for details.

A value of strict causes VTS to interpret certain headers in strict compliance with the OSGi Web Applications specification if they are not specified.

A value of defaulted causes VTS to set certain headers to default values if they are not specified. This was how VTS behaved prior to version 3. This value is provided as a migration aid and may not be supported in future releases. A warning event log message (WE0006W) is generated if this value is specified.

The Virgo Jetty Server will always operate in strict mode.

Virgo Nano Web does not have a Web Integration Layer, but has a corresponding kernel property. See Configuring Deployment.


There is no Web Integration Layer in Virgo Jetty Server. The relevant configuration is described in Configuring the Embedded Jetty Servlet Container.