8.2 Using Virgo Shell Commands

This section is not applicable to Virgo Nano.

Virgo provides shell commands that allow you to examine artifacts currently installed in a particular Virgo Kernel instance, manage the lifecycle of the installed artifacts, install new artifacts, and shut down the Virgo Kernel. You can install, examine, and manage the lifecycle of the following artifacts:

and can examine:

Virgo also provides shell commands to list all bundles that contain, export, or load a particular class.

These commands are provided for the user region shells only and are grouped together in the vsh scope.

You invoke commands using the vsh: scope. For example:

osgi> vsh:plan list

Name                                           Version                            State
org.eclipse.virgo.apps.admin.plan              2.1.0                             ACTIVE
org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.userregion.springdm   2.1.0                             ACTIVE
org.eclipse.virgo.web                          2.1.0                             ACTIVE


Virgo Shell Commands

The following table lists the Virgo shell commands; each command in turn has a variety of options that you can specify, depending on what you want to do, such as start a bundle or refresh a plan. The reference documentation about each command provides the full list of available options.

Table 8.1. Virgo Shell Commands

Command Description
bundleManages and displays information about bundle artifacts.
clhasLists all bundles that contain a class or resource.
clexportLists all bundles that export a class or package.
clloadLists all bundles that can load a class.
configManages and displays information about configuration artifacts.
packagesDisplays information about exported packages.
parManages and displays information about PAR artifacts.
planManages and displays information about plan artifacts.
serviceDisplays information about services in the OSGi service registry.
installInstalls an artifact to Virgo Kernel.
shutdownShuts down the Virgo Kernel instance to which the Equinox Console is connected.