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Tracing and Profiling Tools Project

Project description

The Tracing and Profiling Tools Project extends the TPTP Platform Project with specific data collection for Java and distributed applications that populate the common trace model, additional language and protocol support is anticipated. There are also viewers and analysis services that draw data from the common trace model.

Capabilities are provided to collect and analyze heap and stack information as well as generic toolkits for instrumenting running applications.

The subsystems that make up this project by extending the Platform project, and the components they contain are described below:

For more information on the TPTP project, refer to the project overview.

Subsystem descriptions

User Interface
The User Interface subsystem has the following components:
Name Description
Sequence Diagrams The common Sequence Diagram is exploited here to show object/class/thread/process/machine interactions over time
Statistical and Performance Viewers Interactive line charts to show data trends over time, and tabular views to present statistical information about application behavior
Execution Environment

The execution environment has the following components:

Name Description
Probe Instances Instances of probes and runtimes to support them are provided to do distributed trace.

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