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Provide contributions or feedback

Provide contributions and feedback to help TPTP

Interested in shaping TPTP? We are looking for developers from the community to contribute defect fixes, enhancements, documentation, or test effort. Developers who contribute fixes can become eligible for Committer status in TPTP. More information on becoming a contributor is explained in the Becoming a Contributor article.

TPTP components

We are looking for contributions and feedback on any component in TPTP:

If a component that you are interested in is not in the list above, please open a bugzilla, adjusting the fields as necessary, and attach your proposed contribution to the bugzilla. A TPTP representative will contact you.


Help Wanted
Some work in TPTP is important but the core TPTP team doesn't have the time to do it. Do you? Take a look at the TPTP bugzillas marked with the keyword helpwanted. If you can contribute, please add a comment or attachment to the enhancement.


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