Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform

Make your product Eclipse Ready

Eclipse was designed from its foundation with an eye towards extensibility. The Eclipse Platform offers a scalable plug-in mechanism and a rich set of APIs specifically engineered to enable developers to develop and explore new tools quickly, without a heavy investment of development time.

Eclipse ready plug-ins are being developed across the entire Eclipse Platform, including TPTP. TPTP is an open platform supplying powerful frameworks and services that allow software developers to build unique test and performance tools--both open source and commercial--that can be easily integrated with the platform and with other tools.

What is a plug-in?

Plug-ins allow users of the Eclipse IDE to extend its core functionality. One of the main benefits for companies to develop plug-ins is that it allows for inline operation of their third-party software from the Eclipse IDE. Companies and developers produce plug-ins to allow seamless integration with their own applications that they can pass on to the consumer.

Since the TPTP Platform addresses the entire test and performance lifecycle, from early testing to production application monitoring, including test editing and execution, monitoring, tracing and profiling, and log analysis capabilities, there are a great many opportunities for developers to create innovative TPTP-based plug-ins.