New and Noteworthy
New and Noteworthy in TPTP 4.4.0
Key Updates
Defects fixed during the TPTP 4.4 development cycle :  4.4 defects.
Enhancements implemented during the TPTP 4.4 development cycle : 4.4 enhancements.

  1. Microsoft Vista support for profiling, testing and monitoring features.

  2. Improving quality by reducing the defect backlog and increasing test coverage through test creation, automation, and expanded run-time execution.

  3. Profiling tool improvements:
    1. JVMTI support moved to GA.
    2. New profiling views
    3. Better integration of the JVMPI and JVMTI UI options.
    4. Better integration between the integrated agent controller ( IAC ) and the standalone Agent Controller.

  4. Test tool improvements:

  5. Test Log Viewer Scalability Improvements

    Portions of the Test Log Viewer have been rewritten to use the SWT Virtual Tree support, and to leverage TPTP's model query facility instead of directly iterating over the model. This work is in preparation for additional scalability improvements that will allow the EMF model to no longer be held entirely in memory.

    Ability to defer test log model loading

    When launching a TPTP test, you can now specify to defer the loading of the test log data. If you choose this option, the execution events will instead be persisted as XML fragments in a ".testlog" file, and can be imported into a ".execution" EMF model at a later time using the new test log import wizard.

    New Launch Configuration Option

    Test Log Import Wizard

    A new Test Log Import wizard has been added to allow you to import a ".testlog" file containing properly formatted execution XML fragments (as described here. Using the "defer model loading" option described above will create this type of ".testlog" file.

    New Launch Configuration Option

  6. Monitoring project:
    1. Monitoring Instrumentation tooling for ARM, JMX, and CommonBaseEvent moved to GA.
    2. Additional capabilities for extending the Log Analysis tooling.
    3. Build to Manage tooling for .Net - new technical preview function.

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