Getting Started with the New Technology Agent Controller


When referring to file and directory locations in this document, <install-home> is the directory where the Agent Controller package was unzipped.


Starting Agent Controller

  1. Refer to the readme.txt file in <install-home>\bin for the initial instructions on modifying the serviceconfig.xml file.  The reference documentation for the configuration files contains detailed information about the serviceconfig.xml file content.
  2. Add the <install-home>\bin directory to the system's PATH environment variable.
  3. Set the TPTP_AC_HOME environment variable to point to the location of the serviceconfig.xml configuration file.  If not defined, the Agent Controller will look for its configuration file relative to <install-home>.
  4. Start the Agent Controller by running <install-home>\bin\tptpAgentCtlr from a command window.


Copyright (C) 2005, Intel Corporation.