Getting started with Agent Controller - Linux on IA32

This guide contains the following information:


Configuring and starting Agent Controller

<unzip directory> = The absolute directory path where Agent Controller has been unzipped. For example, /opt/TPTP.
<RAServer PID> = The process identifier for the server process.
  1. Add the <unzip directory>/lib directory to the system's LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
  2. Add the <unzip directory>/bin directory to the system's PATH environment variable.
  3. Set the RASERVER_HOME environment variable to point to <unzip directory>. The server will use this environment variable to locate the configuration file.
  4. Ensure that the files in the <unzip directory>/bin and <unzip directory>/lib directory are executable.
  5. Generate the configuration file that provides the rules for the applications that can be executed by the server. This can be accomplished by running the <unzip directory>/bin/ script. Run this script from a command shell in the <unzip directory>/bin directory.
  6. Start the server by changing your working directory to <unzip directory>/bin and running ./
  7. Stop the server by changing your working directory to <unzip directory>/bin and running ./

If you want to make a change to the configuration file that was generated in step 5, the file can be manually edited using the rules outlined in the document Agent Controller configuration files. The server must be restarted to load changes.

Querying Agent Controller version information

To display the version of Agent Controller, simply type:
RAServer -v
RAServer -version

The Agent Controller will display its version and terminate.

Server Logging

All server log entries will be placed in <unzip directory>/config/servicelog.log.

Invoking the Java Profiler

The Java Profiler is a library that attaches to a JVM to capture and record the Java application's behavior. The output from the profiling agent is in the form of XML fragments.

Documentation on the composition of these XML fragments is located at:

Invocation of the Java Profiler from the Eclipse Workbench

The Java Profiler can be launched from the Eclipse workbench. From the Profiling and Logging Perspective of Eclipse workbench you can launch applications using the Run > Profile menu or the toolbar button. Applications in the current Eclipse workbench's workspace or external Java applications located in the file system can be launched and profiled.

Invocation of the Java Profiler from the Command Line

The Java Profiler is invoked from a command line using the -Xrun JVM option as follows:

where agent_parm may be:

Uninstalling the Agent Controller

To uninstall the agent controller:

  1. Stop the server by changing your working directory to <unzip directory>/bin and running ./
  2. Remove the <unzip directory>.
  3. Remove the <unzip directory>/bin directory from the system's PATH environment variable.