Release Build: 1.2.0
January 16, 2004. These downloads are provided under the Software User Agreement.

Hyades Driver

The Hyades Driver consists on a series of zip files with runtime plugins, source and both user and programmer documentation.

What's new in this driver
  Statistical Viewer

  • Statistical viewer for visualization of data located in the statical model.
  Common Base Event 1.0.1
  • Common Base Event Support for version 1.0.1 of the Common Base Event specification.
  Generic Log Adapter
  • Transpose log records from existing log files into Common Base Events using regular expressions.
  • Build adaptor files that fully qualify how to process log files using the new Generic Log Adapter perspective
  • Test your regular expressions as you write them using the Genric Log Adapter editor
  • Import your log files directly into the Hyades models using your adaptor specifications
  Load testing
  • Automated session recording and test suite generation
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support
  • Enhanced playback, including:
    • Emulation of multiple virtual users. Optionally, generated test suites can be manually expanded or enhanced prior to execution.
    • Automatic cookie processing.
  • Scheduling of composite HTTP workload within a single HTTP test suite, by using previously recorded tests as building blocks.
  Test result analysis
  • Three reports are available for analyzing test results.
    • An execution history gives a pass/fail test verdict and supports page-level drill-down to return codes of specific requests.
    • An HTTP Page Response report displays the number of seconds required to process each page and the average response time for all pages.
    • An HTTP Page Hit Rate report displays the hit rate per second for each page and the total hit rate for all pages.
  Improved documentation

  General testing enhancements
  • The execution history editor/viewer correctly displays the event hierarchy. Loops now appear as class entities in the execution history and contain all events that take place within the context of the loop. Messages, which used to appear at the root, are now displayed in the correct context.
  • A new UI and data model are present for creating datapools. A subsequent release will provide an API that gives tests runtime access to datapools.
  • New UI is present to enable user control of executing tests. A user can stop a running Java test by right-clicking on it in the execution navigator and selecting this action. A user can suspend/resume any test type that supports these actions. (Java test types do not support suspension/resumption.)
  Log visualization
  • Log Navigator - new explorer kind of view for log/trace analysis resources (shows Logs, Symptom Databases and Correlations)
  • Paging mechanism in Log View (improves UI responsiveness for large logs)
  Generic correlation/association model
  • Allows correlations between any model element
  • Currently used by the correlation engines/interaction views for Common Base Event associations

Build name: 1.2.0_20040115_0724
  Hyades Runtime
  Hyades Source
  Hyades Examples
  Hyades Component Test
  Hyades Data Collection Engine for Windows (NT, 2000, XP) Runtime
  Hyades Data Collection Engine for Linux x86 Runtime
  Hyades Data Collection Engine for Linux 390 Runtime
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