TPTP Project Build Types

Release Builds
Releases are builds that have been declared as major releases by the development team. Releases are the right builds for people who want to be on a stable, tested release.

Stable Builds
Stable builds are tested drivers delivered at the end of each iteration of the development cycle. The latest stable build is the right build for people who want to stay up to date with what is going on in the latest development stream, and don't mind putting up with a few problems in order to get the latest greatest features and bug fixes.

Candidate Builds
Candidate builds are used during test passes. They can be promoted to either milestone or release builds.

Development Builds
Development builds are produced every night from whatever has been released into the HEAD stream of the CVS repository. They are completely untested and may contain major problems. These drops are normally only useful to developers actually working on the TPTP project.