Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) Downloads


Release Build: TPTP 4.3.1


TPTP Plugins for Eclipse

   Install TPTP plugins by unzipping the zip file to an eclipse install directory. Make sure all requirements are also installed.


  • 1 Required by TPTP-WTP integration.
    2 Required by TPTP-BIRT integration.

Stand-alone Offerings

  • RCP Log Analyzer
    The log analyzer is a stand-alone rich client application that allows log files to be imported, correlated, and analyzed.
    Windows Linux
  • RCP Symptom Catalog Editor
    The symptom database RCP allows symptom databases to be created, imported and edited.
    Windows Linux
  • Native Logging
    Native logging is an implementation of Common Base Event v1.0.1 for use in C/C++ environment. The runtime package contains the library to be used in the runtime environment. The SDK package contains code and library required for developing with this common base event implementation and a sample for illustrating how to use this implementation.
  • Generic Log Adapter
    The Generic Log Adapter package is for running the Generic Log Adapter as a stand-alone application.

Agent Controller

  • Agent Controller
    The Agent Controller enables client applications to launch other applications locally or remotely and interact with agent processes that provide information services (e.g. collecting profiling data).
  • New technology Agent Controller
    The new technology agent controller contains a new data collection and communication infrastructure that represents our future direction. It has a backwards compatibility layer in the Windows platform versions, allowing it to replace the prior agent controller on those platforms and continue to support the TPTP runtime tools, using the old interface. The new technology packages are expected to be of use to developers who intend to extend TPTP 4.3 or beyond.

Technology Previews

  • API Recorder Framework
    TPTP's API Recorder allows users to record API invocations of local/remote Java applications based on user-defined filters (package/class/method/signature). Recordings may be converted into TPTP JUnit test suites for unit and regression testing of the recorded Java application.
  • Automated GUI Recording
    Allows users to record and playback user interactions under the Eclipse platform
  • Build-to-Manage Toolkit
    Tooling that allows users to instrument and/or build applications that can be managed by using TPTP's Managed Agent Explorer, which is a user interface that allows manipulation of managed resources by setting properties and invoking operations.
  • C/C++ Code Review Provider
    Analyzes source code for C and C++ language programs
  • Code Coverage
    Collects line coverage information as you run or profile your application
  • Memory Manager
    Monitors Eclipse's memory consumption and that notifies listeners when memory is running low
  • The New Java Profiler
    The new Java Profiler in TPTP allows you to profile your applications running in Java 1.5 and higher Java virtual machines. This Java profiler supports the Java Virtual Machine Tooling Interface (JVMTI) that replaces the experimental Java Virtual Machine Profiling Interface (JVMPI). The JVMTI replaces the JVMPI (Java Virtual Machine Profiling Interface) and the JVMDI (Java Virtual Machine Debug Interface).
    Download Eclipse JVMTI Client
    JVMTI Agent Controller extension:
  • X-Ray Profiler
    Allows users to profile Eclipse applications