Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) Downloads



TPTP M3D Feature Patch

TPTP M3D is available in the form of a Feature Patch. This Feature Patch will patch a TPTP M3C installation and upgrade it to TPTP M3D.

Installation Instructions
  1. Download and install TPTP M3C
  2. Download the TPTP M3D Feature Patch
  3. From the menu, select Help > Software Updates...
  4. Select the Available Software tab
  5. Select Add Site...
  6. Select Archive...
  7. Browse to the location of the feature patch (TPTP-, select it, and click OK
  8. Expand the TPTP M3D entry listed in the Available Software tab and choose the feature patches to install
  9. Click Install... and follow the instructions to complete the installation
  10. Restart Eclipse when prompted
After the install, it may be necessary to regenerate the Integrated Agent Controller configuration file if using an existing workspace from TPTP M3C. One way to do this is to remove the configuration file, which is located in <path to workspace>/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.tptp.platform.iac.administrator/config/serviceconfig.xml. A new configuration file will automatically be generated the next time the Agent Controller is started in Eclipse. The configuration file can also be regenerated using the UI. For example, select Window > Preferences > Agent Controller > Integrated Agent Controller, change the machine access selection, and click Apply. Revert this change and restart the Agent Controller.

Stand-alone Offerings

The following standalone offerings have changed from TPTP M3C. The TPTP M3D version can be downloaded below.

Agent Controller
  • Runtime Linux-IA32
  • Runtime All Platforms
Java 1.5+ (JVMTI) Profiler
  • Runtime Linux-IA32
  • Runtime All Platforms
  • SDK Linux-IA32
  • SDK All Platforms