New and Noteworthy
New and Noteworthy in TPTP 4.6.0
Key Updates
If you have installed TPTP 4.6 using the Galileo update site, make sure to get the latest update from the TPTP update site following the Installing TPTP Using Update Manager instruction.

Defects fixed during the TPTP 4.6 development cycle :  4.6 defects.

  1. Improving quality by reducing the defect backlog and increasing test coverage through test creation, automation, Build Verification Tests (BVTs), and expanded run-time execution.

  2. The TPTP workbench and Agent Controller configuration no longer supports Java 1.4. For details, see bug 263122. The Agent Controller continues to support JVMPI profiling.

  3. All models used by TPTP has been rebuilt with EMF 2.5.

  4. Platform Project:

    • External Java Profiling agent environment variable setup has been drastically simplified

      When launching the Java profiling agent outside of the Eclipse workbench, it is now much easier to perform the necessary configuration steps. Rather than the need to set the TPTP_AC_HOME, JAVA_PROFILER_HOME, and PATH/LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables before the launching the profiling agent, it is now only necessary to specify the path to the JVMTI profiler directory as a JVM argument (using the -agentpath arg). Consult the getting_started.html for more information. For details, see bug 226572.

    • Agent Controller Status field

      The current status of the Agent Controller is now shown in the Agent Controller preference page.

      Agent Controller Status

  5. Testing Tools Project:

    • Shortcuts for test navigating
      Test navigating can now be done using short-cuts. For more information, type 'Test Navigating' in the filter text field of the Keys preference page (Window >> Preferences >> General >> Keys).
    • Usability improvements to wizards
      Several usability improvements have been made to the wizards for creating, recording, importing, and exporting test assets.
    • Open source action for TPTP URL tests and HTTP Requests
      The generated source code for a TPTP URL test can now be opened from the shortcut or context menu in the Test Navigator of the Test Perspective. In addition, the generated method for a HTTP Request can now be opened from the toolbar button in the HTTP Requests tab of the TPTP URL Test editor.
    • Test Log Search action for test logs
      The Test Log Search dialog can now be opened from the context menu in the Events tree or the toolbar button in the Events tab of the Test Log editor. In addition, the Test Log Search dialog can be opened from the Search file menu (Search >> Search.... Ctrl+H >> Test Log Search).
    • Test Log editor displays large test logs
      Large test logs with more than 65,534 events can now be displayed and scrolled in the Events tab of the Test Log editor.

To check out how TPTP can improve the quality and performance of your applications, take a quick tour. TPTP 4.6.0 is available for download.

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