Infrastructure documentation
Generating an execution history

1. Launch the agent controller.

2. Create a Test (Run > Run...)
screen capture of the Run dialog

3. Select the test in the Select test to run pane on the left and select local_deployment on the right.

4. Turn to the Test Logs tab. Clear the Use defaults check box and highlight the folder where the execution history should be generated. (If it's a manual test then it should go into the manual_results folder that is a sibling of the manual folder that holds the test case.)

5. Click Run and the Manual Test View dialog will appear.

6. Choose the Verdict from the drop-down menu and if the verdict is Fail or Inconclusive then enter the bugzilla number in the Text pane.
Screen capture shinwing the Manual Test View dialog

7. Click Next & repeat until you've finished entering all of the test cases. When you see that the view is finished then click on the red square to stop the recording of the test execution.

8. Check in the execution history.