Web Content Directory Structure
Contributing web content

The following are some guidelines for writing content for the TPTP website.

  1. The web content for TPTP is maintained in a CVS repository. You will need to obtain access to the following:
    Host: dev.eclipse.org
    Repository Path: /cvsroot/org.eclipse
    Connection Type: extssh
    (Information coming soon on how to obtain access.)
  2. Use the following style sheets: http://www.eclipse.org/default_style.css and http://www.eclipse.org/tptp/eclipse_style.css
  3. The content must be either HTML format or PDF format.
  4. HTML formatted document guidelines:
    • Use the following template for the document HTML document template. You can import this template into your HTML authoring tool.
    • If you are using Microsoft Word to author your documents, ensure that you save the document as a web page, with the filtered option.
    • If you are using Microsoft Front page to author your documents, ensure that the filtered option is on as well.
  5. Use the directory map below to place your content in the appropriate directory.
  6. In each directory, there is an index.html or index.php that you can update with a link to your document.

Web content directory structure

The following listing outlines the directory structure for the TPTP web content.