Infrastructure documentation
Checking in a resource into CVS

1. In your perspective you should see a folder with a ">" next to it. That means that there is a change in your local workspace that you haven't checked into CVS. In the example below the test-results\platform\org.eclipse.hyades.use.cases\manual_results folder has the change.
image of folders showing a ">" next to changed resources

2. Highlight the folder (manual_results), right click and choose Team > Synchronize with Repository. When prompted to change perspectives click Yes.

3. You'll see the Synchronize view appear showing both changes that you can check in along with incoming changes that other people have made in the repository.
screen capture showing the Synchronize view

Incoming changes are marked with a blue arrow that points left.

Outgoing changes (such as the Agent_Controller execution history that which was altered for the sake of this example) are shown with an arrow that points to the right.

Conflicting changes are marked with a red arrow that points both left and right. More on these types of changes in the tips below.

4. Select the outgoing change, right-click, Commit. This commits your changes to CVS so that everyone can see them.

Two tips for future reference:

  1. Do not check in a large number of changes at the same time because CVS (or the Eclipse CVS client) doesn't always work when you do that. Small batches like a few folders at a time generally work.
  2. If you ever see a red arrow that has two ends -- both incoming and outgoing -- then you have a Conflict change. It means that someone else made changes to that same file and checked in those changes and now your local copy is missing some updates. Do not force a check-in or you will overwrite the other person's changes; instead you'll need to merge the files.
    1. Right-click the conflict and a Compare editor appears. It has an icon, Copy all non-conflicting changes from right to left, and when this button is clicked then all changes that are in the file that was checked into CVS that are not in your local copy are copied into your local copy. Once you've clicked this icon then save your file. (Personally I think that the save should be automatic after clicking that button because I've forgotten to save on occasion.)
    2. If that's all of the differences that were missing in your local copy then retest your code changes. Once the tests pass you can return to the Team Synchronization perspective, right-click the file, Mark as merged, and then right click again and Commit.
    3. If that's not all of the changes then you'll have to use the arrow icons in the compare editor and inspect every difference and figure out what needs to be copied into your local copy. Save the file and retest. Once the tests pass turn back to the Team Synchronization perspective, right click the file, Mark as merged and then right click again and Commit.