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Run TPTP tests
Looking for information on how to run TPTP tests?

Use TPTP to test TPTP
TPTP Testing Strategy documents the process and resources used by the TPTP project to test TPTP function using TPTP Test. The current strategy includes automated GUI test cases, automated JUnit unit test cases and manual functional test cases, with their associated deployment resources.

These test resources are maintained in the TPTP CVS repository (dev.eclipse.org/home/tptp) under the test-results module (see \test-results\platform\org.eclipse.hyades.tests\README.txt for an explanation on the organization of this module). Check out this module following these instructions.

Use TPTP test
The product documentation (Help >> Help Contents >> TPTP Tester Guide) provides information on how to use TPTP Test for manual, JUnit and HTTP testing. The automated GUI user guide describes how to use automated GUI tests.