Task documentation
Generate test reports and post them on the TPTP web site
Generate three forms of the report and check them into the TPTP web site CVS.

Generate the Test Pass and Time Frame Historic test reports
  1. First check out the tests and execution histories from CVS. Check out from HEAD unless the release has branched, in which case check out the branch instead.
  2. Open the Test Perspective (Window > Open Perspective > Other... > Test.
  3. In the "Test Navigator" view, expand the "platform" folder, then "org.eclipse.hyades.tests".

  4. Right-click on the three testsuites and select "Report..."
  5. Choose a report type, click "Next".
  6. Choose a location to generate the report and a name for the report, click "Next".
  7. Type in the start and end date and time and click "Finish".

Generate the Tabular test report
  1. If you want to generate the Tabular report, then save this attached plug-in JAR file to your Eclipse plugins directory. Restart Eclipse.
  2. Follow steps 2 - 7 above (test pass and historic reports) except click Finish instead of Next in step 6.

Check in the test reports
  1. Check out the TPTP web site files.
  2. Import the reports into the tptp/reports/test folder and check in the files.