Task documentation
Check in enablement and translation verification test cases
  1. Check out the TPTP tests subfolder(s) that you need.
  2. In each project subfolder, a folder named org.eclipse.tptp.<project_module_name>.nl was created. In this folder there are two root folders, enablement and TVT, that will hold the enablement and translation verification test cases. In the TVT folder there are two subfolders named all and delta. For example, in the trace subfolder you will see a folder named org.eclipse.tptp.trace.nl.tests, along with the enablement, TVT, and TVT subfolders. Picture showing the CVS Navigation view with the org.eclipse.tptp.trace.nl.tests folder highlighted and expanded to show its subfolders.
  3. Check the enablement test cases into the enablement folder.
  4. Check the TVT test cases into the TVT subfolder, either all or delta. By default, TPTP provides only test cases for function that has changed since the last translation verification test, and hence the test cases would be checked into delta. However, if TPTP is asked to provide TVT test cases for everything, for example if TPTP is being translated into a new language, then check the test cases into the all folder.