Hyades features

The following is the currently understood list of requirement pressures on the Hyades project with tentative target drivers and associated priorities and implementing company resource.

P1(priority) Can not ship with out this feature
P2(priority) Highly desirable and planned for this release, but not stop ship
P3(priority) Of interest, but not planned or expected in this release
Ofeature is in an 'open' state, i.e. not delivered
Dfeature is already delivered
Iindicates the implementation of function
Sindicates that a specification paper will be written


This table was last updated on Wed Nov 3 08:09:04 2004.

Bugzilla number Feature overview Owner Priority i1 i2
145401 Provide schema for statistical data IBM P3 I
254178 Symptom DB editor's overall presentation could be improved IBM P3 I
364804 AC 32302 : provide better problem determination support IBM P2 I
464807 AC 32352 : Using the Log viewer of the Adapter Rule Builder you should be able to step back to a previous entry IBM P2 I
564809 AC 31950 : runnable static rules support in the GLA rules editor IBM P3 I
665964 Rename a project in the Test Navigator IBM P1 I
769805 Deleting the .testsuite file should also delete any associated files with the test suite IBM P3 I
870141 Provide Log4JHandler Logging Agent handler and sample. IBM P3 I
970858 Simplify statistics views IBM P1 I
1071813 Drill down capability for sequence diagrams IBM P1 I
1172833 Need a way to query RAServer for version IBM P3 I
1273699 classIDs must be of type long and better management of negative ids IBM P1 I
1374088 Provide extension to config file generation IBM P3 I
1474469 add CPU usage info at invocation/method/class/package/process level IBM P1 I
1574471 Capture object allocation sites - for locks and for memory IBM P1 I
1674475 Enhance the method call parameter and return data reporting IBM P1 I
1774478 Enhance object lock support IBM P1 I
1874479 Add thread deadlock support IBM P1 I
1974485 Extensions to line level support IBM P1 I
2074773 Protocol support in trace model IBM P1 I
2174805 ANT/batch support as a test task or behavior as well as headless test execution IBM P2 I
2274807 "Support for deployment of executables e.g. test cases Scapa P1 I
2374816 Extend TRCAggregatedMethodInvocation IBM P1 I
2474829 Hyades website maintenance and updates IBM P1 I
2574833 Team support - enable/exploit any enhancements in the Eclipse Team support layer (3.2) IBM P1 I
2674835 Additional documents - add an extending Hyades doc plug-in IBM P1 I
2774844 Use Hyades to test Hyades (3.2) IBM P2 I
2874857 "Restructure filtering design in launch configuration to properly manage Hyades/RAC Filters from other profiling type filters (e.g. IBM P2 I
2974865 Keyboard controls and shortcuts for Datapool Editor IBM P2 I
3074916 Provide GLA rules for Windows event logs IBM P1 I
3174917 "Simplify deployment IBM P1 I
3274925 "Use terms such as ""Recording"" and remove the concept of launching a recorder" IBM P2 I
3374954 Improvements to Hyades help architecture (3.2) IBM P1 I
3474962 Provide Logical representation of test artifacts in Test Navigator IBM P1 I
3574968 Cut/Copy/Paste/Move/Rename/Delete in TestNavigator IBM P2 I
3675027 Support JUnit test execution on iSeries IBM P2 I
3775029 Integrate Test Harness and Agent Data Collection IBM P1 I
3875239 Show time difference between selected message and flied over message IBM P3 I
3975247 Avoid using deprecated API in the plugin class IBM P3 I
4075248 Make use of the Property view to display information on the selected item IBM P2 I
4175251 Select messages belonging to the call stack of the selected message IBM P2 I
4275253 Filter everything that is unselected or does not match IBM P2 I
4375254 Improve information shown in the filter list dialog IBM P2 I
4475265 Disable call column when call information is not available IBM P2 I
4575283 methodCount fragments should be handled IBM P2 I
4676655 Provide convenience API to convert XSD:dateTime and long (e.g. millis) time stamps to meaningful time stamp. IBM P3 I