Execution Environment
Automated Software Quality Evaluation Framework Component

The Hyades Execution Framework defines a set of interfaces that will be used for communication between the test tool (a Hyades component within the Eclipse workbench), and the Hyades components that invoke , monitor and control Hyades tests and systems under observation. 

Development Resources

  • Use cases for Execution Environment:

    • [UC1] "Launch a single test instance from the workbench on a single specified node".  [use case realization]
    • [UC1.1] "Launch a single test instance from the workbench on a single specified node and send control events".  [use case realization]
    • [UC2] "Monitor from the workbench an application running on a single specified node".  [use case realization]

  • Java Docs: Interfaces

  • XML Specs: XML Schema for Execution Event fragments
    Development Plan
    1.Scope execution use cases for Release 1 (Eclipse release 2.1.1)completed April 8, 2003
    2.Share and align/confirm use cases for Release 1 with User Interface groupcompleted April 11, 2003
    3.Participate in overall Hyades schedule/planning for first releaseongoing
    4.Complete and review remaining use case realizations, interfaces, and java doc for use cases scoped in for first release: UC1 and UC2 already dropped, UC4, UC1.1, and UC2.1 remain.ongoing
    5.Specify control events for controlling execution (UC1.1) and monitoring/profiling (UC2.1)completed May 30, 2003
    6.Identify APIs for components that run on the remote machines, in conjunction with the Data Collection & Communication group.
    7.Add to our use case realizations interactions with the remote side components
    8.Build reference implementation (integrating with the UI group and Data Collection & Communication group) to realize the Release 1 execution use cases (UC1, UC2, UC4, UC1.1, UC2.1), including the implementation of the associated execution interfaces (workbench side).

    Execution Use Case Headlines:

  • UC1 - Launch a single test instance from workbench on a single specified node
  • UC1.1 - Show control events to running test
  • UC2 - Monitor a running application on a specified node
  • UC2.1 - Show control events to monitored app
  • UC4 - Launch a test for immediate reporting/monitoring