New Releases
Integration with BIRT and WTP

Eclipse TPTP Strengthens Integration with BIRT and WTP

The Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) Project delivers improved integration with BIRT and WTP in its latest release, TPTP, a maintenance release of 4.1.

The integration with BIRT 2.0 extends TPTP's test, profiling and monitoring data reporting capabilities with new BIRT-based reports for web applications performance and JUnit test results.  By taking advantage of BIRT reporting and charting features, these reports have improved presentation layouts and data visualization. 

TPTP is looking for contribution of BIRT-based report templates.  With the community’s support, future TPTP releases will continue to grow a comprehensive set of such reports.

The integration with WTP 1.0 simplifies web application profiling using TPTP.  WTP users can use a pre-configured shortcut to launch an application being profiled by the TPTP profiling tools.  The user can also use the integration to import then analyze and correlate server log files.

You can take a quick tour of the new features in TPTP

Two other maintenance releases of TPTP 3.3 and TPTP 4.0, i.e. TPTP and TPTP, respectively, are also available to support existing TPTP adopters.  All three releases can be downloaded here.