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Process Sizing Names of people doing the work
Design 0 Person A, Person B, ...
Code 0
Test 0
Documentation 0
Build and infrastructure 0 Person A, Person C...
Code review & other committer work
(e.g. check-in, contribution tracking)
if this is to be contributed by someone who
is not a committer in the component
0 N/A - will be done by committer
Total 0

Requirement summary

[Provide a description of the requirement.]

User interactions

[Identify use-cases that support this requirement.]

Note: Delete this note and any optional subsection below that does not apply to the new feature.

User interface

[Describe changes to, additions to, and removals from the user interface (GUI), including but not limited to menu items, wizards, dialogs, editors, views, portlets, buttons, diagrams, and command line interfaces.]

Code interfaces

[Provide descriptions (for example, Javadoc) of new API.]

Extension points

[Describe any new extension points created, and provide instructions on how an exploiter would extend the feature.]


[Can the feature be customized? Does it need to be configured? If so, describe how.]


[What software or hardware prerequisites does the feature add to the current requirements?]


[How does the new feature affect when and how the user upgrades from a previous version? What migration steps must they take with their existing data or configurations or installations? Does the new feature render this version incompatible with other versions?]

Design summary

[Provide an overview of the solution design.]