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Tigerstripe Generators Downloads

This page contains a list of the Tigerstripe Generators that are available from the Tigerstripe project.

Tigerstripe Generators are of 2 kinds:

  • Class-based Generators (M1-Level): This is the most common case for Model-Driven Engineering environment, in that the generation is based on the model itself, i.e. classes, associations and other artifacts defined as part of the model.
  • Instance-based Generators (M0-level): allowing to generate content based on object instances of a specific model, driven by the instances created on an Instance Diagram, e.g.


These generators are provided directly out of our Git repository. Please follow these instructions to deploy the generators in your local instance of Tigerstripe:

  • Check-out the chosen Generator from Git (assuming you have eGit installed
    • File->Import..., Git->Projects from Git..., URI
    • If you don't already have it you need to create a Repository Location for the Tigerstripe Eclipe Project, with the following details:
      • URI:
      • User: leave blank
      • Password: leave blank
      • use the default connection details
    • Select Master then Next, then enter a local directory location to download to and then Enter. It will then start to download the repository. Then to import a specific generator into an Eclipse workspace. Select Import-> Git-> Projects from Git > Local-> select the local Git repository where you just checked out the master repository to-> then with Import existing projects selected navigate to Working Directory->Generators-> and select the generator that you wish to import.
  • Once imported in your workspace, you need to deploy the generator to make use of them against one of you Models.
    Right-click on the Generator project and select plugin->deploy...
  • Then simply navigate to the "plugin settings" tab of the tigerstripe.xml in your model project to enable the generator
  • Run it!

Class-Based Generators (M1-Level)

  • Export-xml

    • Description: Generates an XML export of a Tigerstripe model.
    • Git Path: Working Directory/generators/export-xml
    • Details: more information can be found Tigerstripe XML Export Generation wiki topic.
  • Tigerstripe-Documentation

    • Description: Generates HTML documentation of a Tigerstripe model.
    • Git Path: Working Directory/generators/tigerstripe-documentation
    • Details: More details on the Tigerstripe Documentation Generation wiki topic. The original Bugzilla is 228670

Instance-Based Generators (M0-Level)

  • M0-xml

    • Description: creates an XML representation of instances found on an Instance Diagram.
    • Git Path: Working Directory/generators/m0xml
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