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Tigerstripe Downloads (Past Releases)

Galileo Support: Tigerstripe 0.5.x is required for Galileo.

To use Tigerstripe with Galileo, you need to install a 0.5.x build of Tigerstripe. Please note that 0.5.0M1 is actuality equivalent to 0.4.6 in functionality and stability. 0.5.0M1 only adds a few minimal enhancements.

Ganymede: Tigerstripe 0.4.x

This version of Tigerstripe requires Ganymede (Eclipse 3.4.x)

Release Builds

Galileo: Tigerstripe 0.5.x (No official release yet)

This version of Tigerstripe requires Galileo (Eclipse 3.5.x)

Stable Builds

  • 0.5.0M1 (incubation) - 08/27/09 (
    • This is the second build of Tigerstripe available for Galileo. It is equivalent in functionality and stability to 0.4.6 which was for Ganymede, with the addition of a few bug fixes and UI enhancements (Release Notes).
    • Use tigerstripeTigerstripe Interim Update site to install from Galileo.
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