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Tigerstripe Online Documentation

A complete Help Index is provided with Tigerstripe (see Help->Help Contents->Tigerstripe Workbench once you have installed Tigerstripe). This page provides a number of additional Tutorials and resources to help new users get started.

Should you have further questions, visit our FAQ or post them in the newsgroup.

Online Help

Tigerstripe Workbench includes a Help section that is organized as follows:

  • Tigerstripe Workbench Help (Old commercial v2.2.4): containing all details about using Tigerstripe Workbench, from modeling, configuration, plugins and generation.
  • Tigerstripe API: the javadoc about the API into Tigerstripe, allowing to write applications to manipulate Tigerstripe models.

Tigerstripe Tutorials

  • Modeling with Tigerstripe

      A series of tutorials walking you from simple modeling tasks with Tigerstripe to more advanced concepts such as model facets. Learn about the concepts, the Tigerstripe meta-model and the diagraming features.

  • Model-based generation with Tigerstripe

      Once you understand the basics of modeling with Tigerstripe, these tutorials will walk you through the basics of model-driven generation with Tigerstripe, and then introduce the more advanced concepts. The modeling tutorials are a pre-requisite for this series.

  • Model Import/Export with Tigerstripe

      Import UML2 models from other Modeling Environments into Tigerstripe, export Tigerstripe models in multiple formats.

  • Work with Tigerstripe Profiles

      Customize your modeling environment and create your own Tigerstripe profiles.

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