The Primitive-Type Tab

For your specific organization, you may want to create an organizational primitive type to be used with all projects utilizing Tigerstripe Workbench. The basic types are delivered by default with Tigerstripe, some of which include:

Creating Additional Primitive Types

Primitive types define the basic types of attributes or method arguments. Your default profile contains a number of predefined primitive types, but through a profile you can add to this list to provide specific types that are applicable to your modeling environment and needs. Complete the following procedure to create a new primitive type

To create a new primitive type:

  1. Click the Primitive Types tab in your Project Profile Perspective.
  2. Click Add.

  3. Name your Primitive Type and enter a short description.
  4. Save your Project Profile.

Before your changes become available with your Tigerstripe project, you must deploy your Tigerstripe Profile. For more information about deploying your Tigerstripe Profile, refer to Deploying your Profile.

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