The Annotation Tab

Annotations are a way to extend the Tigerstripe model in a controlled manner. When an annotation (sometimes referred to as a Stereotype) is applied to a model element such as a method, you can specify values for each attribute of that annotation. This information can then be used in a plug-in to add information to the output, or to influence the behavior of the model.

Adding Annotations: Changing Project Behavior

As your Tigerstripe projects (or models) start to expand, you may want to specify profile specific annotations. This may be useful if you want to call a specific behavior upon project generation. Complete the following procedure to add an annotation.

To add a Profile Annotation:

  1. Click the Annotations tab in your Project Profile Perspective.
  2. Click Add.

  3. Name your annotation, assign a version number, and enter a short description.
  4. Select the scope for your annotation. This determines whether your annotation is available with the listed Artifact types.
  5. In the appropriate sections, enter Attributes for your annotation and Required Annotations or Excluded Annotations, if any.
  6. Save your Project Profile.

Before your changes become available with your Tigerstripe project, you must deploy your Tigerstripe Profile. For more information about deploying your Tigerstripe Profile, refer to Deploying your Profile.

Each annotation has the following properties:

For more information about how to use annotations in a model, refer to Using Annotations.

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