Packaging a Plug-in for Distribution

Once you complete your plug-in development, you may share your plug-in with other users. By packaging your plug-in, you can distribute the plug-in and users can use it with the generation of new ouputs. However, they will not be able to change the plug-in behaviour except for the Global properties.

Complete the following procedure once you are ready to distribute your plug-in.

To distribute your plug-in

  1. Select the Overview tab of the Plug-in Project Descriptor.
  2. Click Package up this plugin. in the Packaging area of the descriptor
  3. Specify a target .zip file. This will assemble the plug-in into a .zip file. The .zip file can be copied and sent to your target users of the plug-in.

Users can deploy your plugin by placing the plug-in .zip file in their Tigerstripe plug-ins directory. (ECLIPSE_HOME\tigerstripe\plugins where ECLIPSE_HOME is the install directory of eclipse.) For more information about deploying and un-deploying a plug-in, refer to Deploy and Test a Plug-in.

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