Including Files in the deployed Plugin

Sometimes you need to include one of more files in the plugin that are required at runtime, but are neither templates, nor jar files. Some example uses might be :

The included files must be in your plugin project.

To add files.

  1. You can add or remove files through the Runtime tab of the Plugin Project Descriptor.
  2. In the "Included Files" section of the Runtime tab, simply check the boxes that correspond to the directories and/or files that you wich to be inlcuded. They will be copied to the deployed plugin with the the same directory structure.

To access files at runtime.

  1. To gain access to these files at runtime, use the $pluginDir Velocity Context Defintion. This provides the root directory of the deployed plugin, and the files will be found in the directory tree below this according to their directory tree in the plugin-project.

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