Deploy and Test Plug-in

During plug-in development, you will need to test that your plug-in is delivering the desired results before sharing your plug-in with other users. Complete the following procedure to deploy your plug-in:

To deploy your plug-in

  1. Click the Overview tab in your Plug-in Project Descriptor.
  2. Click Package and Deploy this plugin in the Testing area of the descriptor. This will assemble all of the parts of your plug-in and bundle them for deployment in the current workspace.
  3. Select a Tigerstripe project and double-click tigerstripe.xml to open the project descriptor
  4. Select the Generation tab and a new section for deploying a plug-in displays.
  5. Open the plug-in and click Enable to enable the plug-in. Enabling the plug-in also enables all of the other controls for that plug-in.
  6. Note: It is possible to override the default values for the Global properties of the plug-in

  7. Click Save to save the Tigerstripe project.
  8. Ensure that the project is in scope and click Generate new Tigerstripe Interface.
  9. Review the generated code

Once deployed, your plug-in can be used by any Tigerstripe project in the workspace. References to your plug-in from a project are made using the identity name(version), where name and version are the values set in the Overview tab for the Plug-in Project.

Complete the following procedure to un-deploy your plug-in

To un-deploy your plug-in

  1. Click Un-deploy this plugin in the Testing area of the plug-in descriptor.


  2. Click the Tigerstripe menu and select Plugins.
  3. Highlight the plug-in you want to un-deploy, right-click, and select Undeploy from the shortcut menu.

Your plug-in will disappear from the list of plug-ins in the Generation tab of all Tigerstripe projects. It is not necessary to un-deploy a plug-in before re-deploying it, however the plug-in ID uses the version number when deploying. If the plug-in is updated before you re-deploy it, you must disable the old plug-in version before you can re-deploy the updated plug-in.

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