Creating and Editing Dependency Artifacts

As with any Tigerstripe Artifact, Dependency Artifacts can be created through a specific wizard and further edited with a form-based editor. This section covers all details and options available on Dependency Artifacts.

New Dependency Wizard

First, please make sure the Tigerstripe Perspective is active.

The New Dependency Artifact wizard allows the creation of new Dependency Artifacts within a Tigerstripe Project. The wizard can be open from either the button from the drop down Tigerstripe icon in the toolbar or from the Tigerstripe->New->Dependency entry in the top menubar. The following dialog will appear:

As with any other type of Tigerstripe Artifact wizard, the New Dependency Artifact wizard requires a set of parameters before the Dependency artifact can be successfully created.

Once all the required parameters are filled in, press the Finish button to create the corresponding Dependency artifact. Upon creation, a corresponding icon will appear in the Tigerstripe Explorer, and the main editor page will be set to the overview tab of the corresponding artifact editor. From this page, the dependency artifact can be further edited and additional information can be filled in.

Editing a Dependency Artifact

First, please make sure the Tigerstripe Perspective is active.

To edit an existing Entity Artifact, simply select its corresponding entry in the Tigerstripe Explorer, and double-click to open it in an editor. Entity Artifacts are made of the following details:

Once you have edited your changes, make sure you Save your changes for them to be taken into account by Tigerstripe. To save, either select the Save option from the File menu entry in the menubar, use the save icon in the toolbar, or hit ctrl-s.

General Information

The General Information section contains the following information:

Dependency End Details

To edit this depdendency's end details, refer to the Details section. The section looks as shown below:

Each end of the dependency can be further edited. You will find the following detail for each end:

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