XML Export Plug-in

Downloading the XML Export Plug-in

In order to download the XML Export plug-in, you must first import the archive files in Eclipse. Complete the following procedure to import the plug-in and download it to your workspace.

To import and download the plug-in

  1. Click File, select Import, and click General. The Existing projects into workspace wizard displays.
  2. Switch to the Tigerstripe perspective.
  3. Double-click ts-plugin.xml to open the plug-in project descriptor.
  4. Click the Overview tab, click Package and deploy this plugin.
  5. Click OK in the two dialog boxes that display.

You can now utilize the XML Export plug-in

Running the XML Export plug-in

  1. In the Tigerstripe project which you wish to export, locate and double-click the tigerstripe.xml file to open the editor.
  2. Click the Generation tab.
  3. Select Full_Export(1.0.2) (disabled). The plug-in property values display allowing you to set the properties for the plug-in. For more information about plug-in properties, refer to
  4. Check Enable to enable the plug-in
  5. Click Save to save your changes.
  6. Select the Tigerstripe project so that it is in focus, and click Generate on the toolbar to run the plug-in.
  7. The output will appear in the target directory of the project. The output will be an XML file with the name of the project from which it was generated.

    Note: It is possible that additional files are generated.

    There will be one or more schemas copied to the target directory.

Plug-in Properties

An XML plug-in has the following Global properties.

Output Format

The XML Export plug-in can export a Tigerstripe Project:

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