Importing UML2 Files

The XML2 Import tool imports Tigerstripe model definitions from UML2 files. The main import file may call out type definition files and UML2 profiles.

In addition to the Model import, it is possible to load Model types and profile information. Refer to Importing UML2 Profiles for more information. It is important to understand importing UML2 profiles before you import UML2 files as Tigerstripe can only use stereotype definitions and primitive types that exist in the Tigerstripe Profile at the time you run the UML2 Import tool.

Running the UML2 Import Tool

  1. Open your Tigerstripe Perspective and right-click the Tigerstripe Project into which you want to import Artifacts.
  2. Select Import. The Import wizard opens.
  3. Navigate to Tigerstripe/UML2 Import Model and click Next. The Import/Update from XML wizard opens.
  4. Select the project into which you want to import Artifacts. Optionally, you can specify a reference project. For more information, refer to Annotated Imports.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the UML2 file that you want to import, identify the subdirectory where any ModelType and Profile resides, and click Load UML2 File to load the file into memory.

If there are any log messages for review the View Log button is enabled for you to review any messages before progressing with the import.

From this point, the Import tool uses the same features as other import functions, which are described in the Annotated Imports section.

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