Exporting UML2 File

The UML2 Export tool exports the current profile information and the current Tigerstripe model definitions to an UML2 compliant file.

Running the Export Tool

  1. From your Tigerstripe Perspective, right-click on your Tigerstripe Project and select Export.
  2. Navigate to Tigerstripe/UML2 Export and click Next. The Export to UML2 wizard opens
  3. Select the project that you want to export and the directory into which the exported files will be placed and click Finish.

A list of information messages (and any possible errors) display in the dialog box. You can view these messages in the current dialog box, or you can view them in detail in the UML2Export.log file created in the directory where the XML file is located.

Export Process

The main UML file is named projectName.uml and is placed in the directory specified. The primitive types and stereotypes from the active profile is exported into the following two files:

These files are placed in a subdirectory of the specified directory named umlprofile.

Note: The UML2 Export does not include the majority of items found in the details tab of the Artifact editors.

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