Project Import/Export Tasks

In a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment, Service Contracts can interact with each other, sharing information models and utilizing the various capabilities of other information models. To avoid duplicate and unnecessary complexity, Tigerstripe allows you to share entire Tigerstripe projects, information within Tigerstripe projects, and provides a way to build dependencies between your projects.

In order to facilitate collaboration between users working on a SOA design, Tigerstripe Workbench allows you to share projects through the following mechanisms:

Importing Tigerstripe Projects

Exporting Tigerstripe Projects

Working with Tigerstripe Modules

Tigerstripe Modules are binary-like versions of a Tigerstripe Project. You can reference their content to be shared between multiple projects, however they cannot be modified. This provides an ideal mechanism to share information models between Service Contract designs. For more information on how to create and use Tigerstripe modules, refer to Working with Tigerstripe Modules.

Publishing Tigerstripe Projects

To facilitate collaboration between team members, Tigerstripe allows you to publish a Tigerstripe Project to a web site, where the content of the corresponding Service Contract can be browsed and the target integration profiles can be downloaded.

For more information on how to publish a Tigerstripe project, refer to Publishing Service Contracts.

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