Batch Export of Diagrams

The Diagrams Export tool exports all diagrams in the current Tigerstripe project to .gif files and builds an XML index file that can be further processed through an XSL.

Running the Diagrams Export Tool

  1. From your Tigerstripe Perspective, right-click on your Tigerstripe Project and select Export.
  2. Navigate to Tigerstripe/Diagrams Export... and click Next. The Diagrams Export wizard opens
  3. Select the project that you want to export and the directory into which the exported diagrams will be placed and click Finish. Note that this is the project-relative directory where Diagrams will be created.
  4. Select the type of Diagrams that should be exported ( Class Diagram and/or Instance Diagrams ).
  5. Optionaly enter a Regular Expression to match the name of the diagrams to exclude from the export. This feature is useful when specific diagrams are in the project for internal documentation only and shouldn't be exported.
  6. Optionaly select a XSL tranformation file to apply to the generated XML index. The name of the resulting file is set to "index.html".

Export Process

If the target directory doesn't exist within the project to be exported, it will be automatically created. For all diagrams matching the selection criteria, a .gif file is created. The files are given an number that is then referenced in the XML index.

An XML index file is created using the name of the project.

Optionaly, an XSL tranformation will be applied to the XML index. The result will be saved in an "index.html" file in the same directory.

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