XML Profile Generation Details

Before the XML Integration Profile can be generated for a Tigerstripe Project, it must be enabled and configured properly. This section describes how to enable and configure the XML Integration Profile for the following cases:

Enabling the XML Integration

The configuration is handled through the Tigerstripe Descriptor of Tigerstripe project.

Make sure the Tigerstripe Perspective is active, navigate to the appropriate Tigerstripe Descriptor in the target Tigerstripe project, and double click on it to open it. Select the Generation tab. The JMS/XML Integration Profile Section looks like shown below:

To enable this Integration profile, simply check the Enable check button.

Single XML Schema Generation

The single XML Schema generation option specifies that all definitions for the XML Integration Profile shall be generated in a single XML schema. To select this option, make sure the Use Default Schema option is checked. When it is, the following attributes can be further specified:

Multiple XML Schema Generation

The multiple XML Schema generation option specifies that multiple XML schema files shall be generated for the XML Integration Profile. The content of each XML Schema is determined by packages in the model.

To select this option, make sure the Use Default Schema is not checked. When not checked, a table of mappings between packages containing artifacts in the model and XML schema is enabled. Using the Add/Edit/Remove buttons, define mappings between source packages and XML Schema file names.

For each mapping the following information must be provided:

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