Web Services Generation Details

Before the Web Services Integration profile can be generated for a Tigerstripe Project, it must be enabled and configured for that project.

The configuration is handled through the Tigerstripe Descriptor of Tigerstripe project.

Make sure the Tigerstripe Perspective is active, navigate to the appropriate Tigerstripe Descpritor in the target Tigerstripe project, and double click on it to open it. Select the Generation tab. The Web Service Integration Profile Section looks like shown below:

When the Web Service Integration Profile is enabled for a Tigerstripe project, WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) files will be generated for each Session Facade Artifact present in the project.

Note: the generated WSDL file relies on imports of the XML schemas generated by the JMS/XML Profile. As a result, when using the Web Service Integration Profile, make sure the JMS/XML is enabled and properly configured as well.

Enabling WSDL Generation

The Web Service Integration Profile needs to be enabled before Tigerstripe generates the WSDL for a Tigerstripe Project.

In the view presented above:

These changes need to be committed by saving the Tigerstripe descriptor. (ctrl-s)

Customizing the generated WSDL

For every Session Facade artifact in the Project a WSDL file is created. Each of these files imports the XML schemas as generated by the JMS/XML profile and the WS-Notification specification. The following can be customized:

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