Project Generation with Active Facets

Once your facet is active, you have the option to generate your project, and all selected plug-ins, in the context of the facet only. The Generate Tigerstripe Project dialog box allows you to select either the current active facet, ignore facets, or select from a list of facets to use during generation.

To generate a project with an active facet

  1. Navigate to the Generation tab of your Tigerstripe Project and enable the desired plug-ins.
  2. Click Save to save your changes.
  3. Click Generate on the toolbar. The Generate Tigerstripe Project dialog box opens.
  4. Accept the default Source Folder or click Browse to navigate to a new location.
  5. Click Ignore Facets to ignore facets during project generation.
    Click Use current facet only to only use the currently active facet during project generation.
    Click Use project facets and select the facet that you want to use during project generation.
  6. Click Merge facets for generation to merge multiple facets.
  7. Click Finish to generate your project with the selected facet(s).

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