Downloading a pre-bundled set of plug-ins in a .zip file

The second option to install Tigerstripe Workbench, is to download a pre-bundled version of all the required plug-ins, including those from the Eclipse projects and the Tigerstripe feature itself, and un-zipping into your local Eclipse installation. This method is quicker but does not allow you to receive automatic notifications of program updates as they become available.

Note: This installation option should only be performed by advanced users with experience installing Eclipse plug-ins through .zip files.

Downloading the bundle

The latest Tigerstripe Workbench bundle, including all required Eclipse projects plug-ins can be downloaded from here. Save the file locally on your computer.

Unzipping the bundle into Eclipse

You can install the downloaded bundle in Eclipse by unzipping the files directly into the Eclipse installation directory on your computer.

The downloaded bundle contains the following directory structure:


This structure matches the structure you will find in your Eclipse installation directory:


Unzip the downloaded bundle into the Eclipse installation directory. If successful, the features/ directory will contain a file that starts with org.eclipse.tigerstripe.workbench-***.jar. Restart Eclipse to activate the Tigerstripe Workbench plug-in.

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