Tigerstripe Explorer

The Tigerstripe Explorer provides an explorer view of all Tigerstripe projects in the current workspace. Similar to the Eclipse Package Explorer, each Tigerstripe project is represented by a tree-like structure with the following components:

By default the Tigerstripe Explorer appears on the left-handside of the Tigerstripe Perspective, as shown below:

Complete the following procedure to open the Tigerstripe Explorer

To open the Tigerstripe Explorer

  1. Click Window, select Show View, and click Other. The Show View dialog box opens.
  2. Navigate to the Tigerstripe folder and select Tigerstripe Explorer.

Differences with Eclipse Package Explorer

Although both the Tigerstripe Explorer and the Eclipse Package Explorer may look very similar, and share a lot of the same functionalities, the following differences are worth highlighting:

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