Project Auditor

Tigerstripe projects contain multiple artifacts, files and descriptors that all have cross-references. Before the corresponding Service Contract can be generated, all these references need to be valid and semantically correct. To that extend, a back-ground task in Eclipse audits every Tigerstripe project continuously and flags inconsistencies and errors.

The Tigerstripe Project Auditor implements a semantic check for Tigerstripe Projects making sure the user is aware of any inconsistencies or missing information. The Auditor is triggered automatically each time a project is opened, a new artifact is created or an existing artifact is modified and saved. Whenever an error is found, it is displayed in the Eclipse "Problem view".

There are several levels of severity in errors that the Tigerstripe Auditor will signal:

Each error signaled in the Tigerstripe Auditor View includes the following information:

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