Creating a Service Definition

In Tigerstripe Workbench, project generation is handled through Tigerstripe plug-ins. Although advanced users can create their own plug-ins (refer to Plug-in Design Tasks for more information about project plug-ins), by default Tigerstripe Workbench ships with three basic plug-ins:

So far, you have created a basic model for a Service Contract and you have identified one single integration point with a single operation. In this tutorial, you will generate a Web Service definition.

To generate a Web Service definition:

  1. Double click the project descriptor (tigerstripe.xml) in the Tigerstripe Explorer. This opens your Tigerstripe project perspective.
  2. Navigate to the Generation tab and enable the plug-ins so they are triggered once you generate your project.

  3. Click Save to save your changes.
  4. Click the Generate icon () on the toolbar. The Generate Tigerstripe Project dialog box displays.
  5. Accept the default Source Folder or click Browse to navigate to a new location and click Finish.

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You are now ready to review your code.

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