Create a Service End-point Model

In Tigerstripe Workbench, a Service Contract is modeled through a set of Model Artifacts stored in the project. A palette of service artifacts is available to you to model your Service Contract.

There are two main categories of Model Artifacts:

In addition, an Integration Point or Service Facade Artifact models an end-point (For example, a Web Service). The first step of this tutorial is to create a simple end-point and generate a Web Service Definition (.wsdl).

To create an end-point and a Web Service Definition:

  1. Click the Integration Point icon . The New Session Artifact dialog box displays.
  2. Enter the details about your new artifact and click Finish. The details of the newly created Integration Point or Service Facade Artifact display.

Note: Spaces and special characters are not allowed in an artifact name.

In the Tigerstripe Explorer, expand the src folder and you will see the newly created artifact in the model as shown below:


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You are now ready to add a Method to your Facade Model.

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