Adding Project Descriptors

Your newly created project should be empty and the descriptor for the project automatically opens. The Tigerstripe perspective displays.

The following items are visible from the Tigerstripe perspective:

The Tigerstripe Explorer. Displays the Tigerstripe Project in the workspace.
A multi-tab form. Contains details of your newly created project.
A properties view.

After you create a new project, you need to add project descriptors.

To add project descriptors:

  1. Enter the project name in the Name text box.
  2. Enter the project version information in the Version text box.
  3. Enter a project description in the Description text box. The project description is used when generating HTML documentation for your project.
  4. Click Save.

Note: You can also save your project by using the Save button in the toolbar, or by pressing CTRL+S.

Tigerstripe Workbench does not enforce any sort of structure on the project descriptor fields however, standards generally have a recommended format for the version field (OSS/J recommends something like v1-0).

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